Uriel's code dungeon

My name is Uriel and I'm a webmaster living in Mexico

I like scary stuff and coding, as you can see, im also a fan of the old school 90's web, and this website is an homage to all of that

my profile picture

I have a dog, his name is kito, is a good friend

Kito on his christmas suit

Sometimes we like to go for a run

kito tired

But he gets tired very easily, so i let him rest once in a while

kito ded xD

My favorite foods are:

  • Tacos
  • Pizza
  • Hamburger
  • Burros
  • I once went to a chinese restaurant because I was feeling a little adventurous, I ordered chicken, it was raw. Never again

My Youtube channel

I have a Youtube channel that is called "Cuentos de la noche" (tales of the night) basically i tell scary stories, but i put effects and sounds to make it scarier and more immersive. You can check it out (it's in spanish though). Here is one episode