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First blog post

Monday, May 8, 2023

A crab coding.

First post, introduction and objectives

So this is the first post, I don’t have much to write so this should be quite short.

I guess i could say something about this blog and this page in general, this is basically a blog/portfolio in hopes to get more visibility and to be able to write just my general thoughts about everything.

As you can see i love the 90’s geocities style web pages, they are mostly simple, but with a lot of pictures and or gifs, i think the style is called brutalism or something (I’m not really sure), I love adding gifs and colors an animations and stuff, it goes well with my personality. obviously the site design is not finished but I figure I would just launch it, and keep improving it with time since I have some ideas already.

Did i mention that have a youtube channel? yes sir, unfortunately is in spanish, is basically a place where I tell scary stories that I found on the internet and add some effects and stuff, nothing revolutionary, but hey, I like it.

Ok so i don’t want to make this post very long, if you want to know more about me you can check out the other pages of this site. I’ll be doing an update on the design and will be adding more stuff (more gifs for sure).

So that’s it, thanks for stopping by.